The following are a few of the many accolades we have received over the years.

Had great afternoon out with Andy Cullen of Laochin Gundogs.  Andy invited me up to Perth to see his GSPs when I met him at the Polmaise Cup last year.  My previous encounters with GSPs had not been very good with most of them living up to the nickname ‘hunt munch and crunch’.  However, Andy showed me how they should really behave.  His experienced bitch ‘Meg’ was thrilling to watch after she found grouse effortlessly even in the difficult scenting conditions with heavy snow on the ground.  Meg quartered her ground at a good pace always using the cold wind to locate the birds.  She demonstrated how scenting skills when she located a pair of grouse running on ahead.  Her head carriage constantly altering to take in the air scent until she finally held her point after homing in on the birds over a distance of a hundred yards or more.  This was excellent dog work.  I’m not totally sold on GSPs yet and still prefer the style of the English Pointer on the moor but Andy genuinely demonstrated how a GSP can be a great asset to the walked up shooter.  I look forward to spending more time with Andy and his dogs in the future.  He has a real affinity with dogs and it was good to watch.

Andy Platt, Winner of AV Spaniel Championships 2008

 We have been fortunate to attend a number of Laochin Gundogs Grouse Training Days, every one being well structured, informative and fun.  Andy’s knowledgeable guidance and advice has been invaluable, always patient and positive as well as clear regarding the areas to work on.  This has increased our understanding and confidence hugely.  With Andy’s help and encouragement it has been a joy to see both us and our GSPs progress.

Dave and Sharon Leppard, Suffolk

 I first met Andy on a group training day, which I attended with my young Springer Spaniel.    As a first encounter with a Professional Gundog Trainer I couldn’t fail to be impressed, not only by Andy’s knowledge of training all types of gundog, but more importantly by his mannerisms and his way with dogs and handlers alike.  Immediately after the group training day I arranged a one-to-one lesson with Andy, and I now train regularly with him, learning all the time in a practical way about how to get the best from my dog.  Being taught by a Professional Gundog Trainer is an investment in yourself and your dog that I would encourage anyone to make and Andy Cullen is, in my opinion, one of the best in the business.

 William Drummond, Stirlingshire, Scotland

have been working with Working Irish Setters for 13 years.  However, on purchasing a new young bitch, who showed some real promise, I decided to try and get it right this time! I was introduced to Andy Cullen who has taught me techniques which have made a huge difference to the running of my bitch, who I now feel might one day grace a Field Trial. Thank you Andy, your methods are never harsh but instead are logical and, if implemented properly, very effective.

Donna Clark, St Andrews, Scotland

 I was fortunate to have been introduced to Andrew Cullen on a Spaniel training day.  As a result my Ess and I have received some excellent training from him at his establishment.  He is calm, patient and knowledgeable and has a way with dogs that is highly admirable.  He is able to pass on his way to the handlers with the most beneficial results.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody seeking guidance regarding dog training and handling whatever breed of dog.

T H Connell, Borders, Scotland